Once installed, solar panels offer three financial benefits to homeowners:

  • direct cost-savings on energy from the National Grid, which means lower bills and even better, you won't be affected by future energy price increases.
  • income earned through the Feed-in-Tariff comes direct to you, providing you with a direct income from your panels.
  • it adds to the resale value of your home, as long as you have not opted for an installation that affects the Deeds of your home (ours don't).

Of course, 'value for money' is subjective and will be affected by the up-front cost of the installation, the size of the panels, the potential energy offsetting and income, and  will depend on how long you expect to own your home after installation, in order to recoup the costs first hand. There are of course also other non-financial benefits to solar panels, such as a reduction in your carbon-footprint and a feel-good factor too. 

Before installation, we assess your energy usage and will be able to provide a guide for likely return-on-investment and cost-savings from your installation.   


There has been a lot of coverage in the press about companies offering incredibly cheap solar panel installations, but in exchange they part-own your roof, which is added as a stipulation to the deeds. This means they benefit from the Feed-in-Tariff rather than you, and when you sell your home, part of the sale will be repay the installer, or part-ownership of the roof will pass to your buyers.

We quote for and install the system with absolutely no impact on your roof or home ownership. 

Unlike many installers, we haven’t tied ourselves to contracts, which require us to use a single brand. This means we can deliver you the best possible panels, for the best possible price, giving you equipment that will maximise your returns. All our panels are Tier 1, which is the highest grade available on the market.

See a full overview of the brands we work with...

The time that an installation will take will be dependent on the size of the installation, and any complexities of your site. On average, a domestic installation will be 1-2 days, and commercial will be up to a week.

A guide timeline will be provided as part of the site survey and quote so that it is realistic to your specific installation. 

Subject to the size of the installation and the brand that you order, we always aim to be on site within 2-3 weeks.

We include all aspects of the Feed-in-Tariff application process as part of our installation, so we will do this on your behalf, including the energy performance certificate which is required. 

Planning permission is not usually a requirement for solar panel installation, however there are a small number of circumstances where this will be required. For example, AONB, Conservation Areas and Ground or flat-roof Mounted Systems. In the event that planning permission is required, we will do the admin to support a planning application.

Once we have done a site survey and quotation, and you decide to go ahead, we ask for a small, up-front deposit, which is required to secure the panels for your installation. The deposit varies slightly according to the size of the installation and the number of panels.

The balance for the installation is then due once we have completed the work and you are satisfied with the installation. 

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