Cutter Solar is an experienced, expert and approachable business, which is family-run and owner-managed. This means we can deliver a high-quality of service at cost-effective rates and that you will have plenty of choice to suit your needs and budget. The key benefits of appointing us to deliver your project are:

  • Expertise: Our team is professionally qualified and experienced, and we employ all our installers within the business rather than outsourcing, assuring our customers of quality and reliability.   
  • Service: As an owner-managed business, with a carefully selected team, we are able to offer an excellent, personal service which a lot of companies fail to provide. 
  • Best Brands: Our priority is high-quality, affordability which sees us work with a wide-range of trusted brands. Our customers benefit from quality installations, longevity and good warranty, and an excellent support system in the unlikely event of something going wrong. 
  • RECC / REA Scheme Membership: Although we are a well-established, profitable and respected business, we also understand the value of promising our customers continued service. That's why we're members of the RECC / REA, for total piece of mind.
  • Proven Track-Record: We have been trusted for a wide-range of projects, large and small and have a large number of case studies which we can share with you to demonstrate the quality of our installations, and the cost and energy savings our clients have benefited from.
  • No hidden costs or clauses: All our pricing is provided up front and inclusive of everything you have to pay, with no hidden costs. Even more importantly, we don't have any ownership over your house or roof as part of the installation, which some companies do demand to maximise their profits.  

At the end of the day, it is all about chemistry and trust, and we are happy to come and meet with you to talk about your project. Please get in touch with Tom & the Team who are only too happy to help...

We Supply And Fit: