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Tesla powerwall installation, Longhope, Gloucestershire

Our customer has a 2.5KWp  PV system (installed by Cutter Solar in 2011). He spends most days out and wasn’t maximising the benefits from his system.

After discussions we decided an eEnergy Storage system would be the perfect solution as he could store all his PV system’s generated power for use in the evening. We specified a Tesla powerwall with an SMA sunny boy storage.


The results have been really impressive, on a nice spring day the battery charges in around 3 hours, meaning our happy customer comes home to a full battery of 6.4KWh of power ready for use, which lasts him well into the following day and beyond, meaning he very rarely uses the grid!

We are closely monitoring the system on the Sunny Portal and we will soon be installing the Sunny Home manager, which will allow the battery to be topped up using Economy 7 (Night time rate) power from the grid in the winter months or on dull days.


10K Split Phase System Case Study: Caer-Llan, near Monmouth, Wales

Caer-Llan is a wedding venue and conference centre near Monmouth in South Wales. The owners have always been passionate about energy efficiency and being as environmentally sustainable as possible. Indeed , one of the wings in Caer-Llan is it was one of the first passive houses to ever be built in the UK. So, when they decided it was time to add some renewable energy generation to their venue they came to Cutter Solar to look at possible solutions.


Working closely with Jake Carpenter, we settled on a ground-mounted design that would sit on top of the passive house roof and feed into the main building.

After consulting with WPD the maximum permissible system size was 10KW, split 50/50 over the ‘Split-Phase’ incoming supply. We used 2 no. 5KW SMA inverters, one on each side of the phase and the panels were mounted using the ‘Renusol console’ system.

The project was a great success and has been running for over a year now helping Caer-Llan to become even more energy efficient!

70KW Three Phase System Case Study: Agricultural Supplies Warehouse Near Cardigan, West Wales

The Agricultural Supplies Warehouse was a very heavy user of electricity, particularly at peak times when most of the heavy machinery used in the storage and management of grain is at its peak.

Ideally, they would have liked a larger system, but due to network restrictions, 70KW split across three phases was the maximum permissible size.

The project was a great success, using AJ Lowther’s ‘Over-roof’ mounting system for fibre-cement roofs and utilising 3 no. ABB Trio inverters.

Energy Storage Case Study: Herefordshire

This domestic energy storage system was installed in Herefordshire and uses the Victron Multi-plus compact powering 4.8KW of Victron high-efficiency Lithium Ion batteries. The storage system is fed from a 3KW PV system.

Since installation both us and the customer have been pleasantly surprised with the results. We connected the system to the Internet and using the ‘Vicrton portal’ to keep a close eye on the system and since installation of the PV/Energy storage system the owner has cut his reliance on the grid by around 70%!

On some days, and with favourable conditions, it is not uncommon for the self consumption figure to rise to around 90%. The combination of PV and storage have really meant a huge saving for this happy customer!

Case Study 1

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Case Study 2

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Case Study 3

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