What we do...

Cutter Solar deliver high-quality, cost-effective renewable energy installations, including solar PV, energy storage, electric car charging points, thermal heating and eco-upgrades. We specialise in assessing and improving overall energy efficiency, maximising energy and cost-savings within specified budgets.

All the work we do is carried out by our employed installers for quality assurance - not outsourced to another company - and we have a proven track record delivering small scale domestic projects, as well as large-scale commercial and agricultural installations across the UK. 

Alongside our eco-installation services, we also provide a full suite of energy use measurement tools, enabling you to manage energy use in real time and supporting you to lower overall energy burdens. Working with the team from our sister company Cutter Electrical, which is based in the same office, we can also support you with changes to your electrical systems including heating and lighting, to minimise their energy usage and therefore minimise overall reliance on the grid. In some cases, this approach has reduced overall grid reliance by 100%, creating fully self-sufficient systems for our clients. 

To chat to us about what we can do for you, please contact Tom & the Team.

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