The Feed-in-Tariff has two parts: 

  • The first is the 'generation' tariff, which pays you a unit price for each unit of electricity you generate, as monitored by the meter attached to your system. This will not be affected by battery storage, which does not alter how much you produce, but stores it after production.
  • The second is the 'export' tariff, which is calculated as a fixed percentage of your production. At the moment, there is no way to measure how much of the energy you produce is used, and how much is exported to the grid; therefore, an average measure is taken and you are paid a fixed amount. This technically means that some systems are underpaid by the FIT and some are overpaid, but you will never know which yours is. Battery storage does not totally stop your exports, it just limits them, and it hasn't been independently assessed for effects. This means that at the moment, there is no impact on the FIT export tariff.

The storage is installed at a point on your network, between the panels and the grid. This means energy will be taken from your energy system, excess diverted through the battery, and then exported to the grid if there is any left over.

Physically, the batteries are safe to be installed inside your home, and although we recommend that they are upstairs, they can be installed anywhere convenient, inside cupboards or on the wall. They are neat and fairly discreet and your site will be assessed for the best location, prior to installation. 

The location must be well-ventilated to ensure maximum performance from the batteries. 

Our policy is never to install in lofts, due to the temperature sensitivity of the batteries. During a hot summer, high temperatures may reduce the life of the battery and your system. 

They are better located elsewhere with plenty of ventilation. 

At the moment, the brands we use provide a guaranteed life expectancy of 12 years, although we would expect systems to last well beyond this.

Absolutely. They can be installed on any system.

Although connected to your solar panels, wind turbines or other renewable energy system, the battery pack is a separate system on the network and is not affected by your original system.

The only effect your existing system will have is that the more efficient the system, the more likelihood that your battery will reach maximum capacity.  



Your battery system will be installed to optimise your system, and to suit your budget. However, if in the future you would like more storage, or a bigger system, it can be extended as required. 

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