The panels we use...

We only use high-quality, named brands who are respected as leaders in the industry and produce the most efficient, long-lasting panels. We only use 'Tier 1' panels and our recent installations include LG, JS Solar, Solarworld and Canadian Solar. Our panels are selected for their:

  • energy production / efficiency
  • manufacturing Quality
  • UK support teams enabling quick resolution of any problems
  • value for money
  • warranties / guarantees
  • longevity - all our panels are built to last
  • established brands who are experts and well-respected in the field

If you are considering solar panels, we always start with a site survey and will then recommend the best set-up, as well as the best brand, or choice of brands to maximise the efficiency and output of the system. Our ambition is to give you the the most efficient production and the best return on investment from your installation. Read more about our brands.

We Supply And Fit: