Power Factor Correction...

Power Factor Correction is typically used in industrial environments to increase energy efficiency and save money of electricity bills.

What is Power Factor?

Ideally, out power factor should be ‘1’ meaning there is no inefficiency between the power supplied and the power used to make equipment work. However,  ‘inductive’ loads such as Motors, welders and traditional Flourescent lighting, all which are used heavily in Industrial settings, create something called ‘reactive power’ by the nature of their operation.

The greater the amount of ‘reactive’ power in an installation, the lower the efficiency and the lower the power factor. The electricity supply companies charge extra for installations with poor power factor, as they have to produce extra power to make up for the inefficiency caused by poor power factor, often known as ‘reactive power charges-‘ KVAR on your power bill.

What does Power Factor Correction do?

Power Factor Correction simply helps to reduce the amount of reactive power you use, improve your power factor and reduce your bills. In an Industrial and heavy commercial settings payback on this equipment from electricity bill savings is normally no longer than two years.

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