Energy Saving...

Energy efficiency is what we do, from small, domestic set-ups to large scale, commercial or agricultural systems. Our expertise in the field of energy generation and storage, means we are well-versed in the energy efficiency measures that you can take advantage of. We can provide partial or full-site assessments to consider how you and where you can save and conserve energy, as well as installing the energy efficient measures.

As well as our Cutter Solar brand, we have a family-run sister company, Cutter Electrical, as part of the Cutter Group. This unique combination of electrical engineering and energy efficiency expertise, means that we are able to go beyond just a renewable energy installation, and deliver energy=efficiency advice and delivery which is money-saving and good for the environment too. 

We also offer an energy-monitoring system which is linked to an app, and can be used to measure your energy usage over time, as well as encouraging reduction in use.

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